Our Mission:
To provide innovative solutions for mission-critical operations, by leveraging experience, passion and technology.

We’ve been successfully delivering automated gate systems and related terminal automation solutions for over twenty (20) years

Why we do it

What drives us? What keeps us innovating? What keeps us thinking outside the box and to sometimes even redesign the box? It’s simple really. It’s because

better is possible.

Our people, motivated by untapped possibilities and impassioned by technology, are dedicated to providing intelligent, value-driven solutions. Our strong commitment to continuous improvement, and our firm belief that better is always possible, leads us in our tireless mission to deliver tomorrow’s technology today.

Leading Innovation

NASCENT has always been an innovator.  Since ushering automation into gate systems in 1996, we have been early adopters and, in some cases, the sole integrators and developers of many leading-edge technologies and concepts.  We work tirelessly to leverage such technology within gate automation.

  • First to design and deploy a remotely-operated intermodal gate

  • First to utilize voice and video over IP in a gate deployment

  • First to have more than fifty (50) sites

  • First to have more than one-thousand (1,000) lane kiosks installed

  • First to implement paperless gate transactions (w/electronic receipts)

  • First to develop and deploy a Tire Inspection Portal (TIP)

  • First to develop and deploy sophisticated exit control solutions

  • First to develop and deploy in/out gate portal with single direction traffic flow

  • First to deploy an automated gate system in six (6) North American U.S. Class 1 Railroads

  • First to develop and launch a multi-company, multi-site, driver-focused mobile application to “virtualize” the gate experience (readyAGS™)

Leadership Team

Ray West

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ray West is an experienced executive with a 30-year successful track record in the transportation industry. After a tour in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. West worked for the US Navy as a Machinist, taught apprentice Machinists, and, subsequently, worked his way into the software industry. He founded Thoroughbred Systems, Inc. and spent twelve years with TMW Systems, which was acquired by Trimble in 2012, as the General Manager of TMS. During his distinguished career, Mr. West also served as Director of Development for Qualcomm, Inc. and as VP of IT Development for Atlas Van Lines. He holds a Masters in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University and a Bachelors in Occupational Education & Training from The University of Louisville.

Lynda Parillo

Chief Operating Officer

Lynda Parillo has extensive experience with managing NASCENT system deployments, including aligning customer operational processing requirements with NASCENT deliveries. Prior to working at NASCENT, Lynda was the IT Director for Quality Assurance at CSX World Terminals. Lynda’s employment at CSX and NASCENT since 1999 has allowed her to gather extensive knowledge in the area of Terminal Operations, specifically in regards to the analysis and integration of automation tools to improve business processes. In addition, she has been responsible for project scheduling, project coordination, system installation, system testing, system deployment and commissioning within NASCENT.

Mark Ratkiewicz 

Director of Professional Services

Mark Ratkiewicz has over 30 years of progressive experience in developing, managing and implementing enterprise wide integrated commercial software solutions and providing professional and technical consulting services. Mark has been involved with the management, design, development, deployment and implementations of advanced, large-scale software applications utilizing distributed architectures and enterprise application integration techniques, formalized methodology and tool sets.  Mark has experience in all facets of the development life cycle in a variety of methodologies include PMI, Waterfall, Agile, Scum and Kanban to name a few.

Mark has worked in various industries such as Financial Services, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consumer Business and Transportation Management/Supply Chain. In his career, Mark served as a Software Engineer, Application Architect, Technical Architect, Technical Quality Assurance, Project Manager, Engagement Manager, Account Manager, Product Management, Chief Information/Technical Officer, Executive Sponsor and Vice President of Project Management Office/Solution Delivery/Strategic Accounts for numerous large scale multi-million dollar projects.

Larry Foster

Vice President, Software Development

Larry Foster has held numerous executive leadership positions in B2B software companies over the past two decades. Prior to joining NASCENT, Larry created and led professional services, customer service, managed service operations, marketing, sales, product management, strategy, software development, and served as a general manager. He was an electrical engineering instructor and IT Director at Southern Illinois University and commissioned officer in the United States Army. Larry is a founding member and past President of the ETMA Industry Association; and their inaugural hall-of-fame inductee.  Larry has published several refereed whitepapers and invited to conduct presentations for several nationally recognized professional organizations such as ACUTA, NASTD, NASCIO, INNUA, IAUG, ITFMA, and TEM conferences. Larry holds a Bachelor’s and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University.

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