Focus on Quality
NASCENT's Quality Assurance Team

We know that attention to quality is extremely important in the development of mission-critical systems and solutions.  That’s why we have a dedicated, organization-wide Quality Assurance Team who’s job it is to ensure the quality of our engineering and development processes, our methods, our documentation, and last but not least, our products and solutions.

NASCENT’s commitment to providing quality products and solutions through our integrated Quality Assurance Department, where assurance to quality policies and procedures for our product design, development, deployment and support are driven from the start.  Beyond quality assurances, our Quality Controls identify and mitigate risks of developed products and solutions to ensure a more successful and seamless implementation of our solutions for our customers.


We are one of the only companies of our size in the state of North Carolina to own and utilize a commercial-grade environmental test chamber for testing our equipment and designs under extreme conditions.

To further our commitment to quality, we have embraced LEAN.  LEAN, or LEAN Manufacturing, is a customer-centric methodology used to continuously improve processes through the elimination of waste in everything that’s done. It is based on the ideas of “Continuous Improvement” and “Respect for People.”

Finally, we continually invest heavily in ongoing education for and certification of our entire engineering department.

  • Assembly team members are LEAN (Green Belt) and IPC Certified (Board Soldering)

  • Engineering is Altium Design, Solidworks Certified for Mechanical Design

  • Several Team members are certified in Advanced Sheet Metal, Advanced Drawing Tools, Advanced Weldments, Advanced Mold Tools and Plastic Design

Environmental Test Chamber
The four cornerstones

From our industry-leading hardware and devices to our leading-edge software and embedded systems, these four important design goals are woven through the fabric of everything we do.


With over 21 years of experience engineering and developing task-specific hardware and devices for use in harsh environments, we know what it takes to build rock-solid kiosks and callboxes that stand the test of time. It means never cutting corners and always paying attention to the little things. But, our attention to detail doesn't stop there. Our software and embedded systems are developed with the same attention to detail enabling them for continued use in mission-critical applications.


Because our products, systems and solutions are designed to be flexible, they are able to satisfy your business requirements today and are easily adapted to ever-changing environments and business processes in the future. From the panel design in our kiosks to the fully-customized work items in our SYNAPSE AGS Software, the flexibility built into our products and solutions ensure 100% compatibility with your requirements.


Our solutions are designed to scale as your needs change and grow. That means that you don't have to anticipate and invest for future growth immediately. And, when your needs do change, you won't need to replace one system with another. For example, you can grow the typical SYNAPSE AGS solution from a simple two-lane to operation to a comprehensive, fully-automated fifty-lane solution easily without losing investment dollars. 

The four cornerstones (durable, flexible, scalable, interoperable)

NASCENT products and solutions are designed to seamlessly operate with each other as well as with third-party systems. This interoperability is built-in from the ground up. Our kiosks, VoIP callboxes, imaging and OCR systems, mobile platforms, as well as SYNAPSE AGS feature innovative integration modules and comprehensive APIs (application programming interfaces) to accommodate tight integration. For over two decades, NASCENT systems have integrated with more Terminal Operating Systems, Yard Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, and Rail Systems than any other provider.  

Eye on the Future

Although we are continually working to “build a better mousetrap,” we currently have several projects (some in R&D and some in pre-beta), that are focused on the use of emerging technology to help modernize, streamline and otherwise add efficiency to automated gates, visitor management and security. 

  • Using of IoT (Internet of Things) to monitor and control devices from the “cloud”

  • SYNAPSE™ AGS implemented as Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Migrating certain SYNAPSE™ AGS tablet-based applications to true mobile applications

  • Borrowing from the research completed for the enVision Portal to develop image-based sensors that utilize sophisticated image analytics to eliminate the need for certain costly and labor-intensive solutions (such as ground-loops)