NASCENT Technology, LLC. and Long Beach Container Terminal Cut Truck Turn Times in Half With Automat

CHARLOTTE, NC—June 28, 2016—NASCENT Technology, LLC has helped Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) automate its marine terminal, resulting in a dramatic reduction in truck turn times. NASCENT, the pioneer of the first remotely operated gate, has been customizing scalable technologies that integrate with various operating systems for more than 20 years. Their SYNAPSE AGS leads the industry in automated gate solutions.


LBCT has spent millions of dollars to automate its entire 342-acre facility. Through its partnership with NASCENT, the marine terminal complex has cut its average truck visit times in half, reducing wait times from 85 minutes to 40 minutes on the average.

“This is more than just a gate system,” says Matt Hunnicutt, IT Director, Long Beach Container Terminal, “It is the key to the process of moving containers.” He continued, “Everything is about turn times for truckers and this system is the basis to shorten that.”

Fabio Teti, President and CEO of NASCENT, said, “LBCT exemplifies just how much can be accomplished through the thoughtful application of innovation and technology across a broad spectrum of industries. While some of the technology may exist in pieces in the world, it is only through careful planning, pure ingenuity, and a high level of coordination that all of the disparate parts can be pulled together to work in a unified manner. The outcome is obvious and nothing short of spectacular. The LBCT team must be commended for creating the vision and, through sheer will and determination, making it a reality.”

NASCENT’s SYNAPSE AGS is designed to integrate with any Terminal Operating System (TOS) as well as appointment systems, billing systems and security applications. This flexibility allows customers like LBCT to migrate, integrate or expand without worrying about software obsolescence. It also enables security, financial and clerical workers at LBCT to function without crossover, eliminating duplicate work and additional checkpoints.

The automated system is more efficient in every way.

It gives LBCT the ability to control the number of trucks at each lane as well as en route to each lane and to direct trucks to the next available lane, minimizing wait time, avoiding hassles and maximizing profits.

By integrating SYNAPSE AGS kiosks and software with LBCT’s TOS Adaptor, LBCT and NASCENT also prevent lane closures. When no lane is available, trucks are simply directed to a staging area and alerted as soon as a space becomes available. It’s here that truckers also receive real-time notice of their next in-yard instruction. The entire system is paperless, allowing for a more environmentally conscious footprint.

“With all we have done, the world sees this as a gate,” says Anthony Otto, President of LBCT, “We are very pleased with the performance of our gate solution. It has been a real bright spot in our project.” Teti agreed, “Everyone at NASCENT is certainly proud to be a part of the success at LBCT. The project’s focus on automation and technology provided us the opportunity to flex our innovation muscles and to leverage the 20+ years of experience that we have in gate automation, engineering and systems integration.”

The first portion of the LBCT automation, including vessel, yard, gate and on-dock rail operations, has been completed. Additional yard and gate areas are planned with a target completion date of 2019.


NASCENT Technology, LLC. (NASCENT) has been successfully delivering technology solutions to the Intermodal Transportation industry since 1996. As the pioneer of Automated Gate Systems (AGS), NASCENT has consistently led the way in new technology-based solutions, providing several innovations and industry firsts. Backed by unrivaled engineering, assembly, software development, QA and support organizations, NASCENT continues to draw on its vast industry experience and keen focus on intermodal operations to provide its clients with unparalleled solutions.

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