NASCENT Releases enVision 3.5.1 to Optimize OCR Accuracy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – November 20, 2018 – NASCENT Technology, LLC (NASCENT), a leading provider of gate automation and related technologies, today announced the release of version 3.5.1 of its enVision Portal software. enVision is NASCENT’s moving vehicle inspection system that utilizes an array of specialized detection and imaging technologies to automatically capture, analyze, and process container, chassis, and trailer data.

enVision version 3.5.1 delivers two key customer enhancements: First, in order to optimize system maintenance activities, the software now continuously analyzes image quality and provides automatic alerts [including email] when cameras require attention. For example, if extreme spray from a heavy snowstorm accumulates on a camera lens, the system will now detect the reduction in light passing through the camera and alert operators that cleaning is required. Second, the optical character recognition [OCR] algorithm governing vertical character interpretation has been enhanced to tolerate significant deviations from normal vertical alignment. For example, when generator set identification numbers/letters are haphazardly arranged (e.g. slanted), enVision can now accurately read these highly variable identifiers. This change to the vertical OCR code significantly enhances accuracy and confidence metrics.

“Our current and future enVision customers will enjoy increased OCR accuracy and faster processing times, which are key components to automating gate transactions,” said Chris Kete, President of NASCENT. Kete continued, “We have been, and will continue to be, committed to providing our active customers with a continuous diet of enhancements so enVision will remain the industry leading image analytics solution."


NASCENT Technology, LLC. (NASCENT) has been successfully delivering technology solutions to the Intermodal Transportation industry since 1996. As the pioneer of Automated Gate Systems (AGS), NASCENT has consistently led the way in new technology-based solutions, providing several innovations and industry firsts. Backed by unrivaled engineering, assembly, software development, QA and support organizations, NASCENT continues to draw on its vast industry experience and a keen focus on intermodal operations to provide its clients with unparalleled solutions.

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