Automated Gate System

Every minute counts.

In an environment where every move drives profit and where every minute counts, a fast and dependable gate system is an absolute necessity.

SYNAPSE AGS was engineered from the ground up to increase gate efficiency while providing a level of dependability that remains unparalleled in the industry.

Great Gate = Happy Customers

Having a reliable and trucker-friendly gate system, along with a streamlined gating process, is a clear indication of your continuing commitment to provide a high level of service to your customers.

At NASCENT, we believe a gate system solution should do more than just increase efficiency. The perfect gate solution should also strive to advance the safety and security of employees and customers alike.

SYNAPSE AGS does just that.

Every day, SYNAPSE Automated Gate Systems process over 100,000 gate transactions using a variety of commercially-available as well as proprietary TOS systems.

Intuitive User Interface
  • Engaging User Experience

  • Easy-to-use

  • Information immediacy

  • No information overload

  • Very small learning curve

The perfect blend of Hardware and Software

SYNAPSE AGS utilizes a variety of NASCENT-built hardware to deliver world-class performance. Maintaining control of the solution from end-to-end allows NASCENT to ensure the highest level of quality and durability in our systems. 

See the wide selection of kiosks, callboxes, and pedestals designed especially for SYNAPSE AGS. 

Built for Integration

For over two decades, NASCENT has successfully integrated SYNAPSE AGS with all of the major commercially-available Terminal Operating Systems, as well as with several proprietary systems.

In addition, SYNAPSE AGS is compatible with a wide variety of commonly-used in-lane devices and peripherals.

Finally, SYNAPSE AGS offers a comprehensive and full-featured API (Application Programming Interface) to help simplify meeting custom integration requirements.

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